Environmental Protection Works

In the environmental protection sector, in cooperation with specialised major European companies and its subsidiary ENVIPROSYSTEMS S.A., EDRASIS offers integrated solutions “ready for use” (design – construction – operation), based on state of the art methods and techniques. These include construction of perimetric curtains and watertight beds for the containment of contaminated subsoil areas, oil spill clean up on land and/or water surfaces, construction of foundation piles for geothermy exploitation and improvement of the energy-environmental performance of buildings, urban waste collection by underground vacuum system pipes, etc.

As Greece is drastically renewing its infrastructure and seeking alternative solutions that respect the environment and the quality of life, the advanced know-how of EDRASIS and its subsidiaries in environmental engineering fully responds to the requirements of such projects related to environmental protection and renewable energy sources, including:
•         Wastewater treatment plants for domestic and industrial waste
•         Deodorization of waste treatment areas and installations
•         Energy-saving projects
•         Installations for the production of biogas from biomass (sludge, agricultural waste)
•         Co-production of energy from biogas or natural gas
•         Minor hydroelectric projects
•         Special environmental projects for the protection of wetland habitats
•         Waste management, recycling, composting, bundling, transshipment and sanitary disposal (landfills)
•         Drinking water purification, water refineries and desalination plants
•         Recycling of processed waters for irrigation
•         Area planting and creation of urban green (parks)