Marine Works

The infrastructure of the Greek ports directly affects our country’s development and competitiveness in sea transports on the international level. The experience of EDRASIS in even the most complex of marine works guarantees their prompt delivery, high quality, durability and safety.

With four navigable floating platforms equipped with special machinery and cranes, EDRASIS applies cutting-edge construction methods for special marine works, securing rapid rates of work progress, in the absence of any deadline or budget overshooting or construction errors, but with the due respect to natural and aquatic environments.

The techniques the company applies in marine works include:
• Metal, precast and in-situ cast piles
• Metal and precast sheet piles
• Diaphragm walls
• Secant piles
• Vertical drains
• Stone columns – Vibro replacement
• Deep vibro compression
• Dynamic compaction
• Mooring buoys
• Dredging
• Floating piers – Floating sea walls
• Penetration tests
• Special methods of prefabrication with reinforced concrete
• Underpinnings of existing marine works
• Marinas

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