Repair & Reinforcement Works

Given the intense seismic activity observed in Greece and the large number of buildings being restored or converted, repairs and reinforcements constitute a highly specialised branch of the construction industry that requires know-how, experienced technical personnel and sophisticated equipment.

Applying advanced methods and techniques, EDRASIS effectively deals with even the most complex construction applications related to the foundation, structure or superstructure of buildings, bridges, industrial constructions and monuments. Thanks to its experience in foundations and specialised projects related to seismic concerns, it promptly delivers high-quality results even in the most demanding cases of repair and reinforcement works.

The techniques applied include:
• Gunite of high compression strength
• Steel plates (engirding of building elements)
• Epoxy resins (repair of concrete cracks, etc.)
• Cement grouting (sealing masonry cracks)
• Joint restoration (aesthetic enhancing of masonries)
• Carbon fibre textiles (engirding of building elements)
• Carbon fibre strips (reinforcement of building elements)
• Special constructions for listed buildings and monuments

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