Prefabrication Works

In the field of prefabrication works using reinforced and pre-stressed concrete elements EDRASIS has to offer its modern know-how and its comprehensive experience, which involves a total of 350,000m2 of buildings of various types and uses constructed so far.

The company’s central production unit in Trikala stretches across 45.000m2. Certified as operating in compliance with the ISO 9001/2000 standard and applying strict laboratory procedures for quality control it has a production capacity of 100m3 of prefabricated concrete building elements per day.

Thanks to the experience and expertise of its human resources EDRASIS promptly offers integrated and flexible prefabrication solutions of high quality and durability, low construction and maintenance costs, and ascertained seismic behaviour.

The prefabrication projects it engages in include:
• Industrial and commercial (one- or multi-storey) buildings
• Residences
• Road and railway bridges
• School buildings
• Hotel complexes
• Marine works
• Sports facilities
• Safety parapets
• Sound barriers
• Lampposts (centrifugal – vibratory)
• Sleepers
• Precast piles
• Precast fences
• Precast facades of buildings