Social Responsibility

Steadily oriented towards securing the best possible working conditions for its personnel, EDRASIS provides an atmosphere of safety and job satisfaction for its entire workforce, regardless of field or rank. It actively assists and motivates its human resources to produce the best possible results, offering them continuous training and supplying them with modern, technically advanced mechanical equipment, so that they make best use of their expertise, improve their productivity and develop their skills, keeping abreast of the latest constructional demands. It thus achieves completion of every project according to the customer’s requirements, free of any constructional errors or quality compromises and without the slightest consequence on the employees or the environment.

Environmental protection is yet another corporate sector where EDRASIS persistently demonstrates its sense of responsibility. The company takes unfailing pains to ensure that all its activities are environmentally friendly and to protect, through appropriate actions, nature’s renewal resources. The safeguarding procedures implemented by EDRASIS include, among other things, design and development of mechanical infrastructure based on environmental criteria, strict and constant monitoring of energy consumption and any pollutants potentially harmful to the environment, safe collection and management of all the fuel and throwaway materials used at its worksites, systematic maintenance and functional improvement of its specialised machinery, etc. For EDRASIS and its employees, the respect for the environment and preservation of the natural balances constitutes a key priority.