Goals & Prospects

In its fifth decade of activity, EDRASIS is one of the most vibrant technical companies in Greece and embarks upon every new constructional challenge with the responsibility that its experience guarantees.

The company’s prospects for growth are unbreakably linked to constantly developing its know-how, continuously renewing its mechanical infrastructure and further enhancing its specialisation in all construction activity sectors. Among its immediate goals is the strengthening of its presence in particularly dynamic sectors, such as building works, prefabrication works, marine works and renewable energy sources.

Today, relying on the experience of its subsidiaries, its leading presence in the field of technical works, its business flexibility and its ability to cooperate at international level, EDRASIS steadily increases its volume of works both in the Greek and in foreign markets. Thanks to the quality of its human resources and the stable and healthy working environment it creates, it continues on its path towards growth while contributing to the establishment of a new era of business integrity and merit for the construction industry.