Advanced Know-how & Modern Infrastructure

In the field of special technical works the key parameter for producing quality results is the mechanical equipment available. The main elements that certify the constructional dynamic of EDRASIS and guarantee the quality and safety of all the works it delivers are its advanced know-how and its modern technological infrastructure.

For years, EDRASIS has had at its disposal the highest number of privately owned special pieces of machinery in Greece, with an un-depreciated value of more than €45 million. Today, with regard to its total fixed assets it ranks among the top companies of the entire technical industry. Already in possession of more than 200 renewed basic machinery items, it constantly invests in the development of new technologies and methods.

EDRASIS retains an expert staff of 550 highly specialised and technically skilled employees, vastly experienced in complex technical problems. Making best use of its human resources, it has organised special units that engage in all kinds of technical projects and work as a team to fully cover the needs of every construction.

Confidently relying on its mechanical infrastructure and its personnel, EDRASIS continuously upgrades its level of know-how and immediately tackles any construction challenge, offering integrated solutions that stand out thanks to their quality, reliability and cost-consciousness.

DEVELOPMENTS IN FIXED ASSETS (Amounts in thousands of euro)