Board of Directors

Edrasis’ steady development course is attributed to its managerial team. This team is characterized by substantial organizational skills, extensive experience, entrepreneurial flexibility, dedication to quality and constant search for innovation. The team’s strategic decisions are supported by dexterous operations and justified by the steadily positive development course of the company.

Current composition of the Board of Directors of EDRASIS – C. PSALLIDAS S.A.:

Executive Members:
• Constantinos Psallidas, son of Christodoulos
   Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director

Non-Executive Members:
• Christodoulos Psallidas, son of Constantinos
   Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
• Mihalis Alepis, son of Euthimios

Independent Non-Executive Members:
• Antonios Samaras, son of Pericles, Member
• Evangelos Valmas, son of Constantinos, Economist


The term of office of this Board of Directors ends on 30 June 2015.